“#384 Matthew Bellamy hates to play ‘Cave’ because of the vocal bit that has a note he has to hold for a long time.”

“#383 Chris Wolstenholme used to be uncomfortable playing ‘Blackout’, because he never used to play keyboards until that song.”

“#382 The business side of Muse is the worst part of the band according to Matthew Bellamy.”

“#381 Matthew Bellamy said that if there were no women on earth anymore he would be satisfied with Dom Howard.”

“#380 Matthew Bellamy once said that “Dom needs 3 buses: one for himself, one for his clothing and another one for his ego”.”

“#379 The worst thing about sharing a tour bus with Dom Howard is all his faffing around according to Matthew Bellamy.”

“#378 Chris Wolstenholme buys about five DVDs a week.”

“#377 Chris Wolstenholme’s most annoying habit is farting according to Matthew Bellamy & Dom Howard.”

“#376 Dom Howard was once squashed on the floor in one go by a guy he previously smacked in the face during a random old fight.”

“#375 Matthew Bellamy is a terrible fighter. “It’s not that I fight like a girl, it’s just that I’ll use whatever object is at hand”.”

“#374 Dom Howard said if Matthew Bellamy would leave Muse and he could replace him with anyone one dead or living, it would be Jimi Hendrix.”

“#373 Matthew Bellamy loves reading books especially authors like David Ike.”

“#372 Matthew Bellamy read a book about how the Queen of England is a lizard and he’s convinced she is somehow.”

“#371 Muse wanted to have helicopters doing a balloon drop and circling above them with searchlights spotlighting the crowd during some gigs.”

“#370 Paris Hilton once attended a Muse gig and left during the 1st song. “If we’re offending Paris Hilton we must be doing something right.””